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Cloud accounting

What is cloud accounting? The software is accessed in the same way as internet banking, using your internet browser. There is no software to be installed and it will work on all of your devices: smart phone, tablet or computer.

The concept of cloud accounting is relatively new in the UK although it has been established for many years abroad and so the technology has been proven.

Cloud accounting can be used by business (sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, LLP’s), not-for-profit organisations including charities and other entities.

 Included in the benefits of cloud accounting are:

  • access to your figures anywhere, anytime
  • no expensive software to purchase - you just pay a monthly subscription from as little as £5 a month, depending on the package required
  • you always have the latest version of the software - with no expensive annual upgrades
  • sharing access to your latest figures with your accountant - no need to exchange backups
  • backups are always made and stored offsite - so no loss of data in the event of a computer failure
  • the option to import bank transactions direct from your bank account(s)
  • conversion of your desktop accounting software data to the cloud – no need to rekey all of that data

As your business grows and the time comes that you need to replace your computer you do not need to worry about installing the software and transferring the data to a new machine. Always having the latest version of the software also means that you do not need to worry when your operating system or accounting software is now longer supported by the manufacturer.

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