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Running a limited company is synonymous with filing paperwork, registrations, returns, records and much more. As a company director, time is your most valuable asset, but ticking all the boxes and staying on top of every responsibility is laborious. Then there’s the importance of ensuring all the paperwork you get to Companies House is accurate and without fault – there is no question about that.

The law once required companies to designate a company secretary, who would be responsible for these types of tasks. That isn’t the case anymore (unless your articles of association insist on one), but take it from us: it’s in your best interest to get one so you can get back to where your company most desperately needs you. You don’t even have to hire one in-house; with our company secretarial services, we can take on the entire role for you for a fraction of the cost.

We will fulfil all the roles you can expect from a secretary. Rest assured your statutory books, including a register of directors, secretaries and shareholders are maintained; the minutes of general and board meetings are recorded, and your legal documents are secure. If you want, we’ll arrange meetings of the directors and shareholders, too, record loan agreements, inform Companies House of changes to your company’s structure and advise you on your own compliance obligations.


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